Tired of Being Sorry

Many people one day realize they are so tired of being sorry all the time. "I´m sorry" is a phrase that many people use without even realizing they do so.

Many people like to use these kind people to make them do their job for them. To fix things. Children and adults alike.

And then one day you just sit there, so tired, and realize this cannot continue. You have to draw the line and start living your own life. You have to stop being sorry all the time.

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tired of being sorry

"Oh I´m sorry!" I said.

It was one of those every day moments. Someone had complained about something and I responded saying I was sorry. I usually did. And then I did what I could to make things right.

But today something felt different. My words echoed in my mind. I was sorry. Sorry for what? Sorry for something I had no control over in the first place but everyone expected me to do something about?

Good heavens! Thinking about it I sure seemed to be sorry about everything these days. Sorry sorry sorry. I was constantly reacting to everything like it was my fault! Asking for forgiveness from others by saying I was sorry! Now was I a sorry figure or what? Using all my energy in taking blame for just about anything and being sorry, having no energy left at the end of the day after running around mending things all day.

I felt anger rising inside of me. The feeling was so strong it took me by surprise. This was it. I had reached the limit. I was tired of being sorry all the time. Things would have to change!

I turned on my heels and...

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