by Lorraine
(Pocatello. Idaho)

In 2000 there was a beautiful cat that someone shot an arrow through. It was sticking out both sides of him and he wandered around like that for 2 days while everytime he hit something when passing by- the pain was horrible. It got infected.

Finally someone called the Maricopa County Phoenix Humane Society to come get it and put it out of its misery.

Instead (after they broadcast in on TV showing the arrow sticking out both sides) they put him on Antibotics, operated on him to remove it and put him up for adoption. I was lucky enough to be chosen as his owner.

I took him home and he immediately took to my mother who at the time was 77. For the next 5 years they were always together. Where one was the other was.

Shortly after we got him the scar tissue from the operation kept opening up on his neck and would not heal as they kept sticking it. We tested for cancer and after waiting for seemed like forever it was negative.

About a year after we got him he got a crystal and almost died. He had to have immediate surgery or be put down. For us, putting him down was definitely not an option so he had his operation.

He is on a special diet and has done very well. He has given more to us than I can every repay. My mother went through breast cancer and Quiver was there (named by the TV camerman when rescued).

When she packed her suitcases and went on a trip he went into depression because he thought she was gone forever. He would not eat and sat at the door waiting. I gave him water by a dropper to make sure he stayed hydrated. The Vet gave us some medicine.

When she returned he got INTO the suit case on her bed and refused to get out. He was determined if she left again he was going too. After that she would pack her suitcases in the garage so he couldn't see.

When mom was diagnosed with cancer at age 82 and sent to Hospice I took him to see her. He immediately went to her and under the covers so no one would take him away. When she came home and passed away he was on her bed. They had to get him off the bed to pick up the bed after she left us.

I have no doubt my mother would have never lived as long as she did without Quiver and he gave us so many years of love and laughter.

He likes to play "torro the bull" where I hold his American Flag bandana up and he puts his head down and runs through it. The we do it again.

Then he likes to be Mohammed Ali. I drape the bandana over his back and he puts his back end down and prances around while I clap and stomp & sing.

It took him a long time after we lost mom in 2005 to take to me. He mourned for what seemed like forever.

Now I am in my senior years and he is right there for me when I am home. He is the most devoted animal I have ever had. He gives his all and then more. Now he acts like he knows he is there for me and his job is not done yet.

If any of you are ever thinking what you can do for a senior person or your aged one in your family, get them a pet, buy cat (or dog) food for a person on social security. You don't realize how much you would be doing for that person.

I give up things I can do without so Quiver can have his special diet food. I can never repay him for what he has given to my mother and for me. Just to watch them both laughing and playing no amount of dollars can buy.

Its been 5 years but he still watches the door hoping she will return. All because the Humane Society second chance program gave him a second chance to live they have touched more lives than they will ever know.

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