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I just adopted a dog from this shelter. They are so helpful!! One we first drove by, I saw a glimpse of a brown puppy. I immediatley fell in love. The dogs were in front of a PetSmart, so we could stop and look at them. The puppy, named Cupcake, would not leave my side. We decided to adopt her and it was one of the best things we did. If you live in Florida and are looking for a pet, definetley check them out. They are the most helpful shelter ever!!

Leena's Answer

I am so happy for both you and Cupcake. It never ceases to amaze me how people can be so cruel to animals, abandoning and mistreating them. But of course there are other reasons too - an animal may wander off and get lost, its owner may become too sick to take care of it, or maybe become ill. Sometimes people have to move great distances and choose not to take their animals with them. And so they enter the shelters. A heartbreaking sight - all those lonely animals waiting for someone to love them, wondering what ever happened that their life in a safe home ended.

But thank goodness there are animal lovers like yourself, ready and willing to give an animal in need a new home...

I am sure you will take good care of Cupcake, take her to the vet for the necessary checkups and vaccinations. And also train her so that she knows how to behave in this world of ours. It is important to teach dogs proper behavior - and they are also happier when they know the rules of the family.

Too many people want to have purebred animals, and they often just forget there is another option too - namely rescue organizations. And a mixed-breed pet can be just the perfect pet. (Often they may even be healthier than the breeds that have a limited gene pool).

The way Cupcake would not leave your site shows how animals actually want to choose their humans. I've had that happen to me before. My first cat Misu, and one of our present cats, a Somali cat called Rolli. They both followed me, climbed to my lap and made it known they had chosen me. It's such a wonderful feeling when you look into the eyes of an animal that just tells you with every fiber in its being it likes you and wants to go home with you... I am sure you know exactly what I mean :)

I actually have an animal website too, one about cats: There I give animal shelters a chance to build their own page within my site, telling about their work, and add photos too.

And to anyone reading this I would say that if you are in a situation where you cannot keep your pet anymore, please have a heart and take the animal to a no-kill shelter instead of abandoning it. I never forget when a shelter worker (at a kill-sheler) told that when they took dogs to be put down, the poor creatures knew exactly what was going to happen and fought against being dragged to the vet who was going to euthanize them. They really fought... It made me feel so bad...

Thankfully one litte Cupcake now found her forever, loving home. I am very happy for you all :)

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