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Aug 24, 2009
by: MALA

Dear Author,
The story reveals what a turmoil one is in constantly facing the brunt for others.
You were used as a shield by your boss.
It is not necessary to cut a sorry figure for no mistake of ours.It is right that you put your foot down

Aug 21, 2009
You were in a tough position
by: Leena

It certainly isn´t the best of situations to cover up for an incompetent boss - no matter how well meaning he or she might be. And if the boss also behaves badly (both towards you as an employee and towards customers), it can be a nightmare to patch things up for him/her- I speak from experience.

I am glad you drew the line and spoke your mind. It may not have been a pleasant situation, but as a result you are now feeling a lot better, I am sure.

We spend so much time at work it is necessary to handle the difficulties there before they grow too big. Sometimes, though, it is not possible to solve them all on your own - it is not a shame to ask others to help in such a situation.

I wish you will remain happy in your important job!

Leena :)

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