Happy Days

The happy days of our lives... No matter how annoying a family can be - when we look back to what we consider to be the happy days, we find our best memories happening in the midst of our family.

It does not need to be a big family, it can be just two people - or it can be a large, extended family where friends are considered to be family members as well. Family happiness is a broad concept and only you can define what you consider to be your family.

The more time passes, the more you learn to understand the value of your family. Even those family members who really know how to push our buttons are a blessing in disguise. They may be the first ones that teach us self control - and love. We learn to love the person even if there are some matters we don´t like about them.

We learn we can never like everything about someone - and perhaps this way learn to understand we cannot demand this total acceptance form others either. And this is the first step to appreciating ourselves as we are. The funny point is - when we learn to accept and appreciate ourselves, one day we may suddenly realize we do accept the others totally also, and we can be so happy together that the annoying behaviour of our family members just isn´t a big issue anymore.

When we get older the past of course gets a little sugar coated - but that´s not a bad thing. If we learn how to live accepting other people´s differences, we may find we remember much more happy memories than unhappy ones. This is what family happiness is really all about,

I remember the TV-series Happy Days. I just loved it when I was a child. Later on I understood it was because it was all about acceptance. People made mistakes, yet their family loved them nevertheless - and they seemed to be so happy together no matter how different they were as personalities.

Here are short stories about families and children. Funny and touching - I hope they make you remember the happy days with your own family, and understand why we celebrate Mothers Day and Fathers Day, why we take all the trouble to make Halloween a fun day for our children, and why we want to be together to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So here are the stories. You can comment the stories at the end of the page.

Stories of Happy Days

Daughter and Dad

A short story of a busy dad and a daughter who just wanted to show her drawing to him. 

Grandpa and grandson

It was hard for the grandson to look at the boats of other children, knowing his family could not afford to buy him one. But grandpa helped him see a deeper life lesson in the situation. 

Circus Elephants

What circus elephants taught little Tommy about believing in yourself. 

Puzzle Pieces

A short story about six-year-old thinking. Sometimes the children know best how to think outside the box to succeed.

How to Do a Tarzan

A humorous story of Tarzan - sort of.

Adoption Quote

This must be the best adoption quote I have ever heard... 

Draw a Teddy Bear

Why did six-year-old Tina ask all her friends to draw a teddy bears? Why did she need so many drawings of them? 

But I Feel Good

A story of a little boy who knew what to do when a friend needed help. 

Get Rich Fast

Inspirational short story on getting rich fast. The idea was good but the execution perhaps a bit unusual. 

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